Posted by Monroe L. Payne on Sep 16, 2017
We're listening!
It's been a frantic summer.
Business is booming, PPSNYS is growing and getting younger and more enthusiastic.
I'm blessed to have you as members and friends.
As you can tell, we have a new web site to replace the antique we've been limping along with for the last years.
Our business service, Sue Chesler, has made the operation of the organization better in every way.
But the biggest change will be in the way we communicate with you, our lifeblood.
The balancing act of keeping what's valuable and discarding what is no longer relevant keeps me up at night.
What is good? What is useless? What traditions are important and which are imports from the dark ages?
What features of PPSNYS are important to you? What time-consuming tasks don't benefit anyone?
I'm asking for your input and help.
Our officers are in this because we care deeply about PPSNYS and its future.
Said differently, we care about YOU and your future as a photographer, a business and a friend.
Please give us constructive feedback. We are working based on what members have told us is important to them. If you don't speak up, we don't know what matters to you.
So speak up!
We're listening!
Monroe Payne
PPSNYS President