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from Monroe Payne -Feb 2017



To “The Membership” of PPSNYS

Many of you I consider my friends, some of you BEST friends, and many more of you are friends yet to be.

I am humbled to be part of this organization, befriended by talents that are world class, and people who aspire to be there.

What I find most inspirational is the aspect of “family” between members. When one of us is down, there are a dozen to help out. When one wins an award or performs well, all glasses are raised to the success of their fellow. When one does something stupid (as I have done many times), it is immediately forgiven because we, after all, are family.

This coming year is going to be a year of mutual encouragement. We are not alone. Not as long as our fellow PPSNYS members are there. We will be encouraging pros outside of PPSNYS to become part of our family; to find that they too, are not alone.

I have been a member since 2004 – an old timer for some and a newbie for others. To be befriended by people like Will Cadena, Paul Bernstein, Craig and Linda Hutchings, Lou Tonsmiere, Peter Dyer and a thousand others, has been an honor and joy I couldn’t have imagined when I started. To be treated as a peer by those I hold in “hero” regard – it’s a crazy thing, yet commonplace in our PPSNYS.

Where am I going with this?

We all have issues with our fellow members, just like we have issues with brothers and sisters. But remember, we are all family. It is our responsibility as family members to do what is right for the family. Have I been wronged? Sure. Have you? Probably. But we make up and go on because we are family. We are so much more blessed and strong with our family beside us.

Ok, some of our family members are nuts. And thoughtless. But we are still family and gather strength because we are family.

So to those who are having issues with other members, remember the value of family – and the fact that you do NOT have issues with the other, many members who love and appreciate you. To those who are being thoughtless, well, stop it.

There is every reason to be kind to your fellow members. And there is every reason to forgive or at least ignore unkindness.

Having said all that, the acts of selflessness and kindness that happen every moment between members staggers me. Many of us – MOST of us, I’ll bet, can point to that one moment that we were beginning to doubt ourselves – or maybe quit entirely. A member of OUR society had a word, an idea or a place for us to direct our talents. You can’t find that on the street, or working alone. My moment involved Monte Zucker and another with Kelvin Ringold.

We’ve all heard stories of someone who had an illness – and there were people we could TRUST to step in and cover. This is who we are; part of the most caring and sharing community of craftsmen that I can imagine.

Again, we are family. I think of you as the best people that have been placed on planet Earth, and am looking forward to this next year of growth, friendship and family.

Will you join me?



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