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History & Past Presidents

The Professional Photographers' Society of New York was organized in 1905 for the betterment of the Profession as a whole and to create, foster and maintain cordial relations between its members.

 The following members have faithfully served as presidents and in so serving gave freely of their talents to promote the annual convention and to uphold the traditions and purpose of the Society. (Printed on the back of early PPSNYS stationary)


document Click Here (13 MB) to view a slide show of the History of Past Presidents within PPSNYS.


List of PPSNYS Presidents

Patrick Luke 2017, Fairport, NY

Paul Bernstein 2016, Brooklyn, NY

Christine Paulsen 2015, Rensselear, NY

Honey DeLapa 2014, Hilton, NY

Owen Kassimir 2013, Huntington, NY

Greg Lewis 2012, Vestal, NY

Tom Mack 2011, Schenectady, NY

Craig Hutchings 2010, Elmira, NY

Kelvin Ringold 2009 Liverpool, NY

Steven Bergano 2008, Oyster Bay, NY

James Gavacs 2007, Buffalo

Debrah H. Muska 2006, Newark Valley

Linda Hutchings 2005, Elmira

Kenneth Bovat, Jr. 2004, Claverack

Anthony Volpe 2003, Marlboro / Fort Myers, FL

Bart Stevens* 2002, East Northport

Richard P. Bryk* 2001, Cheektowaga / Newport, NC

Kathleen Danley 2000, Cazenovia / Albion

Bogdan Fundalinski 1999, Buffalo

Carol Phillips* 1998, Scarsdale

Glenn Melvin 1997, Bradford, PA

Maureen Ginal-Hurysz 1995, Amherst

Jerry Small 1994, Bellmore

Terry Cribbs 1993, Binghamton

Gene Gardei 1992, North Tonawanda

John Slaughter 1991, Fredonia

Alan Schroeder 1990, Schenectady

Richard Restiano, Sr. 1989, Bronxville / Ottawa, IL

Olen E. Seidler 1988, Union City, PA

Lois Miller 1987 & 1996, Avon

Kathleen Campbell 1986, Rochester

William Stevenson 1985, Lake George / Naples, FL

Carmen Schettino 1984, Suffern / Sarasota, FL

David Lloyd* 1983, Troy

J. Kent Campbell 1982, Rochester

Frank Grillo 1981, Rochester / Godwin, NC

Anthony Mario 1979-80, Rome

Adolph A. Konieczny* 1978, Amsterdam

Edmund Lombardo 1977, Woodhaven

Frank L. Fusco* 1976, Eastchester

Gerald E. Bruce* 1975, Buffalo

Patrick J. Graziose 1974, Floral Park / Hauppauge

Frank W. Warner 1973, Albany / Voorheesville

Murray Morrow* 1972, Batavia

John W. Hulburt, Sr.* 1971, Buffalo

Alvin L. Friedman* 1970, Valley Stream

Thomas W. Reynolds, Jr. 1969, Kingston

Joseph A. Arnone* 1968, Syracuse

Dino V. Semprini* 1967, Elmhurst

Ina R. Siegfried* 1966, Jamestown

Henry W. Leichtner* 1965, Rochester

Ralph E. Walker* 1964, Brockport

Maurice Coppin* 1963, Kenmore

Harold Bovee* 1962, Baldwinsville

Philip Tompkins* 1961, Leroy

Gordon C. Buzzell* 1960, Ithaca

Harold C. Flaherty* 1959, Buffalo

Samuel Frumkin* 1958, Albany

Lewis Rodabaugh* 1957, Elmira

John F. Lindquist* 1957, Jamestown

Charles L. Geiger, Jr.* 1956, Syracuse

John A. Millard* 1955, Watertown

Howard J. Rowe* 1954, Rochester

Samuel M. Corson* 1953, Phoenix

Fred H. Comander* 1952, Buffalo

Hugh L. Lawing, Jr.* 1951, Batavia / St. Charles, MO

James A. Ochsner* 1950, Syracuse

James F. Steiner* 1949, Elmira

Michael Romeo* 1948, Syracuse

A. Whittemore Blair* 1942-47, Newark

Sherman E. Surdam* 1941, Schenectady / Pt. Orange, FL

Clarence T. Sterling* 1939-40, Amsterdam

James B. Lloyd* 1937-38, Troy

Unknown 1936

Aage A. Mikkelsen* 1935, Schenectady

Edward H. Stone* 1934, Hamilton

George P. Millspaugh* 1933, Elmira

Edwin Park* 1932, Oneida

Walter Scott Shinn* 1931, New York City

George A. Personius* 1929-30, Elmira

Robert R. McGeorge* 1927-28, Buffalo

Seaward A. Sand* 1926, Lockport

W. Earl Burnell* 1925, Penn Yan / Sarasota, FL

John E. Garabrant* 1924, New York City

Carl K. Frey* 1923, Utica

Al. Downs Rice* 1920, Jamestown

Fred T. Loomis* 1919, Elmira

Fred E. Abbott* 1918, Little Falls

E. L. Mix* 1917, New York City

E. B. Core* 1916, New York City / Cincinnati, OH

J. E. Mock* 1915 & 1921-22, Rochester

Howard D. Beach* 1914, Buffalo

B. J. Falk* 1913, New York City

Harry A. Bliss* 1910-12, Buffalo

Alvin F. Bradley* 1908-09, New York City

Dudley Hoyt* 1906, Rochester / New York City

Pirie MacDonald* 1905 & 1907, New York City

Inaugural Officers of PPSNYS

Elected August 26, 1904
at the PPANE Convention at Mechanics' Hall in Boston, MA
First Convention on April 13 & 14, 1905
at the Murray Hill Hotel in New York City

  • President: Pirie MacDonald*, New York City
  • First Vice President: Col. Theodore C. Marceau*, New York City
  • Second Vice President: Dudley Hoyt*, Rochester
  • Treasurer: Levi Moore*, Albany
  • Joseph Byron*, New York City
  • Secretary: Walter E. Talbot*, Schenectady

Past PPA Presidents from New York State

  • 1884 J. H. Kent*, Rochester
  • 1889 M. MacMichael*, New York City
  • 1901 E. B. Core*, New York City / Cincinnati, OH
  • 1903 J. George Nussbaumer*, Buffalo
  • 1921 Howard D. Beach*, Buffalo
  • 1969 Earl G. Stanton*, Kenmore
  • 1979 Charles L. Geiger, Jr.*, Syracuse
  • 1981 Frank W. Warner, Albany / Voorheesville
  • 2002 William F. Stevenson, Lake George / Naples, FL
  • 2007 Jack Reznicki

* Deceased


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