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Where will the event be held?
The event will be held at the Adams Mark Hotel in Buffalo, NY. We will most likely have the entire facility to ourselves – We will control meal times and events for the weekend.

Should I book my hotel?
Yes. DO NOT WAIT! We have pre-negotiated an amazing rate at the resort – take advantage of it. The hotel will probably not sell out but the incredible rate of $99 per night will end on February 26th. There will be speakers and events every day and night. 

What should I expect as an attendee?
Expect to learn and create images during this Hands On convention. All the programs will have the opportunity to shoot with your camera or create with your computers. At this event you will have access to speakers before and after their scheduled time. They are here because they care about our industry and want to share everything they know. You will have access to some of the best education available, network with your fellow photographers and make friends for life.
Will I be able to shoot?
The Adams Mark Hotel in the downtown Buffalo, New York. You will be able to shoot before, during, and after classes.
Will I be able to use images in my portfolio?
Of course you will. All models will have signed a model release form giving you the ability to use your images in your portfolio, website, social media, etc.

Is there a certain skill level I should be?
Absolutely not. The Professional Photographers Society of New York State is here to educate. We all started somewhere and you will find that Focus NY attendees are open and willing to help and our instructors know how to teach to every level of student.

How do I choose which speakers to see?
That’s not a problem. At this time, we only have a few programs that overlap. But, we are doing our best to eliminate that so everyone can see every program. The biggest problem you are going to have is figuring out when you are going to eat.

How do I register?
Go to the registration link on this app or click here

Where will event information be posted?
Everything is on the website - Check often for newest info posted.

What gear should I bring?
Bring whatever you plan to shoot with— camera bodies, lenses, flashes, tripods, etc. It’s a shooting conference and you are a photographer, bring your favorite equipment. 

I didn’t register, can I just show up?
It is best to register early to save some dough. But, if you did forget, you can come and register at the door.

What do I need for registration at the event?
Show up and tell us your name. If you are registered, a badge will be ready for you when you get there.