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Image Competition


The FocusNY Image Competition will be held on Thursday 3.30 - Friday 3.31.17 at the FocusNY convention and tradeshow.  Entry into the competition is open to members of PPSNYS and non-members alike. This competition will NOT be awarding PPA’s Seal of Approval for 2016. However we will be judging images to the same standards and criteria. These rules pertain to images created by traditional photographic processes as well as those captured and/or manipulated electronically with a digital camera or scanner. We are also increasing your opportunity to compete with up to 6 images in 2017, enter one image or up to six and pay the per image pricing. All images must be submitted online digitally even for print entries.          

Once again the FocusNY Image Competition will be joining guilds around the country and standardizing image competition in adopting as the next evolutionary step in competition. All images entered for competition are uploaded to and are viewed and judged on a monitor for all to view. Scoring takes place LIVE and an entrant can even have their score relayed to their smartphone! Back by popular demand - Club 79, a separate room to view the live judging. In Club 79 - talking, comments and refreshments are welcome and encouraged! Judging can also be viewed anywhere with a internet connection.


All Images will be judged and scored using your Digital file submission.

Please complete the online submission process at prior to the deadline

Submission deadline - Friday, March 24, 2017 - 5:00pm

Competition Rules can be found here


Court of Honor Awards-These are considered the highest awards given by PPSNYS and only PPSNYS members are eligible. One is given out for every 20 entries in each category. Also in each category it is broken down further between masters and non master entries. Depending on the percentage  of masters and non masters is how many of each are given. Say out of the 100 portrait entries 40 were masters and 60 were non masters, that would mean PPSNYS would give 2 master court of honors and 3 regular court of honors.

- 320 Pins - given to PPSNYS member(s) whose case score comes to a total of at least 320.
- Premier Case Award-goes to PPSNYS member with the highest total case score

- Rookie of the Year - to first time entrant with the highest total case score
- ASP Award-given to the ASP member with the highest print score.
- CPP Award - Highest scoring image by a PPA Certified Professional Photographer
- Judges Choice Ribbon

- Fuji Masterpiece Award

      Click here for rules and print label



Participating in image competitions gives you the opportunity to:

      1.  Engage with the passionate and supportive photographic competition community
      2.  Improve upon your finest work (You can do that math, right? You’ll get better!)
      3.  Earn recognition and admiration from your peers
      4.  As a result, improve your business

With most things, you get what you put into it, image competition makes you a better photographer.