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Membership Categories

ACTIVE: Members who agree to adopt our Code Of Ethics shall have voting privileges and the right to hold office

HONORARY: without active privileges, honorary membership may be extended to a distinguished person who PPSNYS wishes to honor. Said membership shall be conferred upon 4/5 approval of the Executive Council after proper notice of the proposed action

ASPIRING: This category allows sections to accept members at a discounted $50 State dues rate. These Aspiring members will be granted full membership privileges of PPSNYS with the exception of voting rights and the ability to hold office. Any Aspiring member will be billed full dues upon renewal and become full rights members.

LIFE: without payment of dues and with full active privileges shall be extended to:
1. All past Presidents
2. Retired photographers, upon application, who:

a.) have been active members of PPSNYS for at least 20 years, the past years being consecutive
b.) have the equivalent of a gold service award
c.) are recommended by a 2/3 vote of their section and a majority vote of the executive council

OUT-OF-STATE: may be extended to professional photographers of ethical standards who adopt our Code Of Ethics

VENDOR/ ALLIED: Owners, managers or salesmen of stock houses and representatives of photographic manufacturers

Silver Level -$300
A logo link on the front page of the PPSNYS web site and membership in the section of their choice without objection by the Section; PPSNYS can distribute out-of-state Allied members to different section in order to distribute the money across the State; Membership includes access at any meeting at any monthly chapter meeting in PPSNYS.

Gold Level -$450
Everything in Silver level, plus: Exhibit at one all-day event at any section within PPSNYS; Link in PPSNYS newsletter to their website.

Platinum Level-$600
Everything in the Gold level, plus: Exhibit at one additional all-day event in any chapter event within PPSNYS; An advertisement and their logo link in the PPSNSY newsletter;  Sponsorship at one of the quarterly PPSNYS Lecture Series



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