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As a member of the Professional Photographers’ Society of New York State, you are a part of a statewide professional trade association that is dedicated to business enhancement, education and networking of Professional Photographers throughout New York State. Here’s a snapshot of just a few of the unique benefits PPSNYS members enjoy:

Professionalism & Networking

  • Access to a network of fellow professionals
  • Education & Training
  • Special member pricing for PPA-affiliated Summer Workshop (earn 2 PPA merits for attendance)
  • Annual print competition with PPA approved judges (reduced rates for PPSNYS members)

Business Benefits

  •  Professional distinction within the industry and the public
  •  Include PPSNYS Logo on your business communications
  •  Business name and contact information listed in the online Membership Directory

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President's Message

Think Like a Professional

Those of us that do photography for profit know that we face a lot of challenges in this digital world. We compete with weekend warriors who's credentials are the receipt for that high end camera that they bought a few months ago. To be a successful photographer you need to think like a professional. You need to be constantly honing your skills, keep abreast of the latest trends and market yourself in effective ways. Don't think that you can learn all that you need from Google and YouTube videos because you can't. You need the one on one contact with other professionals that will give you the first hand knowledge that will improve your chances for success.

Here are a few things that belonging to an organization like PPSNYS will give you that you can't get any other way:

  • ·         Frank discussions about local market conditions.
  • ·         Contact with like-minded professionals and making lasting friendships.
  • ·         Learning new photographic techniques that improve your skills as a photographer.
  • ·         Working as second shooter for income and experience with established photographers that need your help.
  • ·         Doing Image Competitions in a close network of supportive fellow photographers to improve your skills.
  • ·         Having trusted photo colleagues that you can turn to in times of crisis like a sudden illness or transportation problems. (For single person operations this can be a life saver and avoid disappointing your client if you have an emergency.)

Joining PPSNYS is as easy as clicking on the "Join" tab at the top of this home page. You will receive a warm welcome from our highly talented professional photographers and you will be joining a group of people that have common interests. It will put you on the road to becoming a successful income earning photographer. 

Alan Vollweiler, President,

Professional Photographers' Society of New York State (PPSNYS)

About Us

The Professional Photographers’ Society of New York State, Inc. was formed solely to instruct its members and the public in photography and to create, foster, promote and encourage the exchange of knowledge among its members and the public. PPSNYS is a society dedicated to the advancement of photography both as a science and an art. Our members are encouraged to develop the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, business practices and customer relations.

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