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We just want to say that so much of life consists of "we" but when we get to our personal goals it's very often "I" plan, "I" want, "I" intend... and a lot of times we try to slug out our personal success all by ourselves... and that's tough, so "Every dream deserves a team.”

And it's not that you can't do it alone, but most things in life are more fun if you've got a support team, a cheering team, a "no, that wasn't nearly as stupid as you thought it was" team. Even if it's only one other person, every dream worth having is worth sharing!

It seems that being a member of PPSNYS is what you make it. “Giver’s Gain.” I know it sounds like a cliché, but it's true.

We get out of our membership the knowledge of all of the members put together. We have the best of the best among our members here in New York, and on numerous occasions I have personally been able to draw on their knowledge to solve a problem, enhance an idea, learn a new technique, or just have the pleasure of a wonderful conversation about the craft we all love. It is just something that we figure out as we mature in our relationship with PPSNYS.

The most important benefit is the professional image brought on by membership in an organization that has been in existence for over 100 years. Every respected profession treats membership in their professional association as an expected part of practice – medicine, law, dentistry, veterinary medicine, architecture, engineering, and others.

Why should we treat our profession with any less respect? This is not a hobby. It is our career and our passion! I understand that many of the newer members are just learning the ins and outs of this business, and they may not be full-time photographers. But that is the reason they need PPSNYS even more. We are here to help them and to bring the professional photography standard back up to where it is valued as a true art form.

PPSNYS is committed to the education of its members and the public. To that end, we offer two week-long schools, where a plethora of knowledge is shared not only between teacher and student but also among the students themselves. We have a wonderful convention with outstanding speakers, and we have monthly programs all around the state as well as TEP programs. All of these programs are available to all members at great rates.

In addition to those valuable benefits, PPSNYS offers discounts to a variety of goods and services, a website for consumers to locate professional photographers around the state, a service award and degree program, and we are continually looking for additional benefits to bring to our members.

Unfortunately, it seems that the climate of "professionalism" in the photography craft has dwindled, and we are fighting a tough battle.

We all know that the offerings are not always professional or accurate on the internet. Folks are balancing lurking on their computer at home in their PJs and traveling to get accurate education at one of our events. It is really about relationships, isn't it? Real relationships, person-to-person, one-on-one, or in a symposium.

Credibility as a professional photographer is more important than ever in the digital era. There is more credibility with an organization of 400 members than one of 20 or 25. There is strength in numbers, and when called upon to act, PPSNYS has the power of many members rather than a few voices in any one small geographic area.

Belonging to a small camera club does not make the same professional statement as choosing one with a century's worth of history and whose members have included the great studio photographers during that time.

If you participate in what PPSNYS has to offer, then you will grow immensely! Workshop, Conference, Free Seminars, Website and discounts for members are only some of what’s available. The opportunity to learn leadership skills is invaluable. It takes creativity, time, and money to put all of these things together for members. Volunteers spend an immense amount of time doing this so members have the best educational and enrichment opportunities available to them at a reasonable cost.

It's all there to use, but only you can take advantage of what's offered!




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