Bruce Berg

 "Rocking The High School Senior Market"


Are you trying to survive and thrive in today’s High School Senior market?

Bruce Berg, who is Oregon’s most award-winning photographer, will show you how to take your High School Seniors to a whole new level.Providing you with great marketing and sales tips, this seminar is fill

ed with pertinent and practical information that will help you improve your bottom line. Plus a Marketing idea that easily gets you seniors in your doors and rather than costing you money, MAKES you money. You can’t get this on Creative Live! You will be given key steps on how to create an experience for your High School seniors like no other. Plus, you will be shown some examples of creative posing and lighting tips-and some things to watch out for. Bruce will also give you valuable sales tips and techniques-including how to build a profitable price list and how to lead your clients through the sale.This year, he has 25 Class of 2018 models, most of which paid $595 to be a part of the program with average orders of over $2,000. Found out how he is able to jump start a once dying market by attending this highly informative and practical seminar. Find out more about Bruce at and