Chris Wunder

Top 10 Big Money Promotions for photographers

Learn the Top Ten programs you can add to your Portrait, Commercial or Wedding business to

improve your cash-flow year-round and make your profits soar! The high-volume market

photographing Schools, Childcare Centers, Youth Sports, Membership Directories, Dance

Schools and Special Promotions remains strong, and theres much less competition for the work

than traditional Studio programs. Best of all, as much of the work can be done on location,

having a brick-and-mortar studio isn’t a requirement. Attend this fast-paced presentation and

learn why so many high-profile photographers have diversified their studio business to include

service to high-volume accounts. It's all about the money, baby!


Bio for Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog. ASP

Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog. ASP has been in professional photography for over 35 years. His

expertise ranges from ownership of one of the largest Portrait and Wedding Studio businesses

in the Midwest with multiple locations in 3 states, to Corporate Management with some of the

largest mass-market portrait companies in the U.S. He’s presented over 100 programs

Internationally on sales and marketing of photography to virtually every Industry trade group

including PPA, WPPI, PMA, PSPA, SPAC, SPI, ProPhoto Expo and many more. Chris is also

well-respected as an author, educator and consultant. He’s currently CEO of PortraitEFX Franchising

Corporation, based in Dallas, TX. with 55 locations in the U.S. and Canada, He recently co-

founded; an online community dedicated solely to high volume photography.