Jessica Lark

The Art of Imagination: Creating your dream life around your dream art

This course follows Jessica's Reliquarian project, a 9 book enealogy where her love of writing, artistry, and photography all coincide. She'll discuss how to create big impact on minuscule budgets, how she finds funding for her creations, and where we create from. She'll also delve into how she has made 5 figures from photographs she's never sold, and how you can truly work as an artist and monetize without having to find a client to sell a print to.



Lark is a noted fine art and intimate portrait artist, whose hopeless romantic tendencies, and love of all things nostalgic send her in many directions artistically. Lark runs a wedding and portrait photography studio employing over 15 people which finances the creation of her ennealogy: The Reliquarian, a 5 year project in the making. Lark is now a highly sought after educator, multi-published author, and documentarian whose focus centers on international humanitarian aid and child centered charity endeavors.