Judy Host
Grace and Balance - Photographing Ballet
With featured ads in Atlanta's Modern Luxury Magazine, Judy Host as redefined the Portrait Photography world with her unique talent for capturing the heart and spirit of each individual she photographs and has earned her the respect and recognition of her colleagues. Her photography has been internationally recognized for its innovative style and technique. Recently her work was selected for exhibition in the Valade Family Gallery in Detroit, MI and the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA. In March 2017, Judy sold her first collection of Ballet images to MGM Resort Int'l for a permanent installation at the Park Theater Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. 
In addition, her work has been selected for national exhibition by the Professional Photographers of America, (PPA) from whom she has received the coveted Master of Photography and Craftsman degrees. Among Judy's awards for outstanding environmental portrait photography, she has earned multiple Kodak Gallery Awards, and award given to those photographers who excel in creativity and the pursuit of excellence in quality. 
Honored as a Sigma Pro for the Sigma Corporation, a significant distinction shared with nine top professionals in the industry, see www.sigmaphoto.com/sigma-lounge/meet-the-pros. 
A world traveler teaching seminars and workshops in editorial portraiture, specialized image processing, marketing, natural lighting, and dance photography visit www.judyhost.com or contact her directly at judyhost@mac.com for more information. Judy also teaches private classes for that "one on one" experience. 

Grace and Balance – Photographing Ballet

For the last three years I have allowed myself to follow my passion for photographing dancers.  The Art of Ballet has always intrigued me along with the grace and elegance that comes with it.  The passion a dancer has for their craft mimics my own passion for photography.  There is a natural flow of energy that captivates me and I find myself completely immerged in the moment.  As an artist, I find I need that kind of distraction so that I can create freely and purposely.  So it is with great pleasure that I share that experience with you and the journey it has taken me on.


My program has been customized especially for this group.  My topics will cover the following:

1.  The importance of light quality for creating dramatic dance portraits, (Low Key/High Key) 

2. Studying the positions of your dancer and understanding how your camera angle showcases your subject. 

3. Styling the shoot.  Customizing your sessions with costumes and beautiful dresses. 

4. Create storyboards of positions for yourself for lighting and for your dancer.  Most dancers are not use to selecting poses for the camera.

5. Location versus studio.  Where do you want your session to take place?  What is the overall feel of the image?

6.  What is your vision for the session?  What are you trying to create? What is your message?


For those of you who are interested in following your passion for something different, this program will hopefully inspire you to move forward now. 

We are artists after all and we need to feed our souls with the magic we have the talent to create.