Mark Bowie
Night Imagery & Art of Seeing Creatively

Innovative Night imagery:

Beyond the Milky Way


Program Description:

Night photography is a red-hot topic. I specialize in it and have explored it in-depth for my two instructional e-books. Many photographers have been exposed to it and want to learn more. To that end, I propose this entirely new presentation, beneficial for all skill levels. This presentation — with still images, time-lapse sequences, inspirational music and narration — will cover groundbreaking techniques that go beyond making traditional images of star trails and the Milky Way to expand photographers’ repertoire and capture many other aspects that make the night so exquisitely beautiful. Using new and advanced techniques to render detail in both the landscape and night sky, I’ve been creating cutting-edge nocturnal images. These include time-lapse intervals of the moon’s trajectory across the night sky, panoramas encompassing the star-filled heavens and the long bow of the Milky Way, long exposures of the northern lights, and numerous meteors of a meteor shower. My time-lapse movies show stars and planets arcing across the heavens, and vehicle lights careening through cities. I’ll show new images and go in-depth on strategies and techniques for:

• Photographing the landscape in relation to the stars, moon, meteors, northern lights and other celestial objects

• Determining nighttime exposures

• Focusing in the dark

• Reducing noise in-camera and in processing

• Combining separate exposures for the night sky and the landscape

• Shooting and stacking multiple exposures to expand depth of field and reduce noise

• Shooting time interval sequences of the moon

• Painting with artificial light

• Processing night images with Lightroom, Photoshop, StarStax, layer masks, luminosity masks,and more. I’ll also cover the software used to create star circles, timed intervals, night panoramas, and time-lapse movies.



The Art of seeing Creatively

Program Description:


Learning to see creatively is a life-long endeavor, for all skill levels. Through compelling still images, time-lapse and video, I’ll examine in-depth the fine art of seeing, offering innovative strategies, tips and techniques for looking deeper, refining one’s personal vision to create expressive images. My goal is to help viewers find artistic possibilities they may not have thought of and transfer those possibilities into meaningful images — images with heart and purpose. I want to help them discover more about the natural world, and capture images that come from deep within them... going past the commonplace that anyone with a camera can capture. With example images, I’ll illustrate specific times when light and composition came together well, and show some images that somehow missed the mark. I’ll share how I found the scenes, what I envisioned for the final image, and how that guided my image making process. I’ll discuss looking to shoot images to tell a story, create a sense of place, and symbolize a concept. I’ll cover reading weather to find great light, shooting from interesting vantage points, refining compositions, using light and shadow, lines and forms, colors and textures, and controlling exposure and contrast to create mood and atmosphere. Ultimately, this program is about learning to envision the image-making potential of a variety of landscapes and how to translate them into compelling imagery. For if there’s one thing that can most improve our photography and enhance the joy of discovery of Nature’s infinite beauty, it’s to look deeper.