Michael Zide
Things Half Hidden, Affirming a Sense of Place

I moved to the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts in 1982 after photographing on Martha’s Vineyard Island for the more than a decade. For years I have put my visual education in the hands of two main landscapes, slowly refining my sensitivity to natural gesture, and how necessary that understanding is to creating story and mood in my photography. The goal remains the same, to allow viewers and the photographer themselves, to see the world with fresh eyes. My presentation at FocusNY will chart the course my photography has taken over time, with insights gained about making landscape photographs as much about suggestion and metaphor as a they are a reflection of reality. Each photographer views their subject and their world differently. My presentation will address the influences that have shaped my own vision and put before others what I have learned through the



Michael Zide is a full time fine art and commercial photographer who teaches the art of making photographs through workshops and in customized programs to individuals and small groups. A member of Moab fine art printing paper’s Master Photographer’s Program and an Ambassador for Manfrotto International Distribution, he speaks about the art of landscape photography at the PhotoPlus International Exhibition in New York, and at venues throughout New England. His photographs are included in museum and corporate collections within and outside the United States.